CF Watch Program

Description of Forest Watch Program

Cherokee Forest Voices overall goal is to achieve on the ground protection and restoration of ecologically sensitive areas on the Cherokee National Forest (roadless and unroaded areas, old growth, biological hotspots, critical aquatic habitat, backcountry, cultural, and wilderness study areas) from environmentally damaging  activities and roadbuilding until permanent protection can be achieved. We call these special areas “Tennessee Mountain Treasures”. 

Forest Watch Mission and Goals

Restoration and preservation of biodiversity

Improved protection of fish, wildlife, plants, soil and water resources

Designation of new and expanded Wilderness Areas

Increased availability of nature oriented recreation

Protection of scenic values

We seek to accomplish this mission by: 

Monitor, comment on, object and if needed litigate Forest Service projects and decisions.

Increase public awareness of, and interest in, forest-related issues.

Sponsor and promote activities designed to increase citizen participation in the forest planning process.

Foster a spirit of cooperation with the Forest Service.

Cooperate with other groups throughout the region who share common interests and concerns regarding our national forests.