Guiding Principles

We value:

*The clean water that springs up and flows from the Cherokee National Forest 

*The scenic beauty of the mountains and forests

*The variety and mixture of life found in the naturally maturing ever-changing forest

*The opportunities to reinvigorate our souls reenergize our minds and rejuvenate our bodies in the sights and sounds and smells and tastes and feels of nature’s creation 

*The opportunities of hunting, fishing, walking, cycling, picnicking and camping in this natural arena

CFV believes the forest needs ecosystem restoration focusing on:

1.  Restoration of diversity in single-species monoculture stands resulting from past

     management -- primarily pine plantations, off-site pine and old clearcuts.

2.  Restoring fire-adapted ecosystems -- with emphasis on table mountain pine and 

     pitch pine forests and recognizing more research is needed about historic or

     natural fire regimes.

3.  Restoration of streams, water quality and riparian (stream side) land – improving

     water quality and aquatic habitat (especially for brook trout), primarily by

     reducing sediment from roads by decommissioning them or implementing Best 

     Management Practices (BMP) and addressing unmanaged recreation in the 

     riparian areas.

4.  Restoring rare communities –disturbances such as balds and hydrology

     such as in bogs.  

5.  Controlling non-native invasive species (NNIS), especially plants.